130+ Fun and Useful Websites to Visit When Bored

130+ Fun and Useful Websites to Visit When Bored

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Are You Looking For A New Website to Visit When You’re Bored?

No problem! Here are a few tools, websites, and resources or anything else you can use to keep yourself busy when you’re bored that I personally use on a daily (or almost daily) basis!

Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!


Please note: I will continually update this page with new resources, so I highly recommend bookmarking this page for future reference. Check it when you’re looking for something to do! 😉


1. Reddit

“The front page of the internet”

This amazingly awesome website can keep me busy for hours.

Look at pictures, videos, news stories and anything else that might be going viral at the exact moment.

Don’t just use this for browsing, though! Join subreddits and have conversations with people from around the world.

I use Reddit to follow my favorite sports team (the Green Bay Packers), stay updated on the latest political news (boring, sorry), and to look at feel good pictures and stories.

Here are a few subreddits to check out and get started on:

2. Bluehost

Want to start your own website when you’re bored!

In fact, you could start multiple websites since you have all this free time on your hands, right? With Bluehost, you can host as many websites as you want, for less than 4 bucks a month!

This is the web host I use for this website. So naturally I use it a lot..

They make it easy to set up with a one-click WordPress install, or you can use the pre-made website builders they have available.

Support from Bluehost is very quick and I’m very happy with my results so far!

You also get to register one free domain name when you sign up!

If you don’t want to go with Bluehost if you want to make a website when you’re bored:

  • WP Engine – If your planning on using WordPress (which you should be), this is a great web host to have!
  • GreenGeeks – Everyone likes helping the environment, right? This company uses complete renewable energy to help you feel better about the impact you’re making in the real world.

Pro Tip: 

All 3 of these Web Hosts have free advertising perks when you sign-up. They each give credits for advertising on Facebook, Bing, Yahoo and even Google! Check out the links above and choose what works best for y0u!

3. Groupon

Everyone is always looking for the best deal on the internet nowadays. At least I am.

This is a website most have heard about but never actually check out. (I don’t know why)

When you sign up, you’re given awesome coupons and discounts to events, products, and services that will help keep you busy when you’re bored!

10/10 – I recommend this website to all my friends and family.

4. Yelp

Most people have used Yelp at one point or another..

But I use it for a service most people don’t:

Coupons and deals

Yelp doesn’t just help give you an idea of a local business’s reputation with online reviews.

They’ve partnered to give great deals on local businesses.

Check it out!

5. Udemy

Learn ANYTHING you want when you’re bored with a wide variety of free and paid online courses.

Also, have you ever thought about teaching others? Well, you’re in luck with Udemy as well.

You can create your own online course and you could even make some extra money on the side. (of a full-time business if you’re REALLY good)

6. Fiverr

Well, check it out for yourself. 🙂

If you want to offer your own service for 5 bucks, you can do that too!

That’s a great way to make some extra money on the side, if I do say so myself.

7. Indeed (job board)

Looking for a job? Do you need a job?

Well, you’re in luck. Indeed is, by and large, the most popular job board website around.

Post your resume, apply for positions in your area and get working today.

8. TicketNetwork

Looking for a night out on the town? Concert or a sporting event, perhaps?\Look no further than TicketNetwork!

I’ve used this website many times and highly recommend you do too! Search all your local events and get affordable tickets today.

Better to spend a boring night out and about enjoying a show, right?

Enough about the website I like to visit! 

Let’s help you find some fun and useful websites!

You can’t discover good websites to visit; unless you know about them ahead of time – Chritt      

I’ve compiled a giant list of great websites, tools, and games you can visit when you’re bored or looking to be productive. I tried to keep these free, but some offer a freemium model with advanced features!

Amazingly Useful Web Tools

The following websites are going to give you tools you never thought existed on the internet (and most of them free!).

Whether it’s: sending a fax without a fax machine, installing a useful piece of software or just making your time more productive in general, this section of the list won’t disappoint and will keep you busy.

9. 10 Minute Mail

This is an extremely website to visit when you’re signing up for a service and don’t want to provide your personal email address. When you visit this website, it’ll generate a unique inbox that is accessible for only ten minutes. This timeframe can be extended for a brief amount of time, but this is a great tool to keep yourself spam free.

10. Anki

This interactive website and tool will create memory/flash cards to help you memorize vital information. Very useful for students or people that need help remembering important information.

11. Fake Name Generator

In case you need fake personal information that looks legitimate, this is the website for you. Similar to 10 Minute Mail, this helps reduce internet spam and help preserve your privacy when signing up for services you aren’t confident in giving your personal information.

12. Fax Zero 

If you have to send a fax and don’t have a fax machine, this is a free solution. This useful website allows you to send a fax for free within the US and Canada. For a little money, you can also send worldwide.

  • Alternative Website to Visit: 

13. HTML to PDF 

Convert any website to PDF form. could come in handy if you’re looking to present certain information.

  • Similar Websites:
    • Print Friendly – Makes websites printer friendly
    • Smallpdf – Converts or Imports many useful documents type to and from PDF

14. Iruler

Detects the size of your screen and provides an accurate ruler to use. Obviously, this is useful for mobile or tablet only. 🙂

15. Online Alarm Clock

Don’t have your mobile device or phone near you? You can set this bad boy as an alarm anywhere you’re near a computer.

16. RES

Do you brose Reddit when you’re bored? This useful browser extension will help you customize your Reddit experience.

17. Snagajob

So, Snagajob is an extreme, timesaving website when you’re looking for a job.

This website does what I figured would be absolutely impossible. It posts your resume and job status (most likely searching) and helps you apply to nearly every job board website there is.

It’s like Indeed.com (see above), but EVEN BETTER. However, it’s not a free service.

But, if you want to kick any job search into overdrive, this is the place to do it.

18. Start.me

I’m a control freak. Hard to imagine, right? This is an extremely useful website to visit daily that allows you to add a hub of information with your favorite links, bookmarks, news, apps, etc, ALL in one easy to find place. Just don’t forget to add Boredombusted to that list! 😉

19. Unfurlr 

Not sure if a shortened link on twitter or a forum is safe to click? Use this website to find out where it goes!

Awesome Computer Software and Web Applications

20. F.Lux

Change the color and brightness of your computer or phone screen as the day progresses. Helps your eyes adjust throughout the day.


These websites are extreme time savers when looking to install new software on your computer. If you just did a computer restore or bought a new PC, use one of these two websites to get all your favorite software.

They give you a no BS install that bypass all those tricky questions you get when downloading from other websites. MUST HAVE!

22. MalwareBytes Anti-Malware 

Easily the best free anti-virus scanner on the internet! This malware and virus scanner doesn’t mess around and try to BS you into giving up your card information.

  • Bonus points if you install this program using ninite.com (above suggestion)

23. KeePass 

Free easy-to-use online password manager. Keep all of your passwords all in one, secure place!

24. SlimDrivers

This great program detects what computer drivers need to be updated. This will keep your computer updated accordingly and with zero to little work from you!

25. TeraCopy

This program is designed to copy and move computer files at maximum speed. This program skips bad files during the copying process.

26. Turbo.net

Okay, so this is an extremely useful tool to visit when downloading software. This tool allows you to use any program or tool in its directory without having to install that program to your computer directly.

This website is an extremely useful visit when you’re on your friends’ computer or looking to use a program only once or twice. Or maybe you just don’t want to clutter your hard drive with programs.

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Quirky and Useful Websites

27. Archive.org

Probably the most underrated website to visit on the internet. This website is filled with TONS of useful information from around on the web. You can use the “Wayback Machine” to view old websites or old version of current websites.

Also, contains a huge library of free content and you can even play old-school video games via their emulators. Totally worth a bookmark on my web browser.

28. FutureMe

Write yourself or friend and family an email to be delivered in the future! Super cool website to try out when you’re bored.

29. Freerice

Want to help the world? Answer a question on this website correctly, and the website will donate 10 grains of rice to the World Food Programme. Just make sure to get rid of your AdBlock for their website!

30. Snopes

This site will tell you if the urban legend you’ve heard is true or false. Great for when you want to win an argument! 😉 

31. Street View

Ever wanted a 360 view of a place or location from around the world? Well, now you can. Check out Googles Street View and prepare to travel the world..virtually!

32. Privnote

Have a message or letter you don’t want anyone else to read but your intended recipient? This cool website is worth a visit then! It allows you to write a note and encrypt it with a password. You then send the link to who you want it to be read by. The note will then self-destruct upon being read or depending on what you chose. Super cool!

33. Wikipedia

The internets real-time encyclopedia. You want to learn more about a topic, this is your place to check most likely.

34. Wikipedia – Random Mode

Go down the rabbit hole that I call Wikipedias Random Mode. This link could keep you busy for hours if you wanted to spend that much time reading about random things. The link will bring you to any random Wikipedia page for your viewing pleasure when you’re bored.

Financial Planning and Money Management Websites

35. Missing Money

Think someone or a certain business might owe you money? Check it out, never know what you might find! Takes less than a minute to type in your last name and state of residence.

36. Credit Karma

We’ve seen credit score websites around forever. They all guarantee the same thing: low or no cost checking of your credit score. This website checks out. It updates your score every 7-10 days (from my experience).This is a very useful website that also has a mobile app available. MUST HAVE!

37. HackerRank

Are you a computer programmer or coder? Get ranked on HackerRank and you’ll be found by countries all over the world for jobs. Super cool. Check it out!

38. Mint

Think of “mint” as in printing money, not the flavor of ice cream (though so, so good!). This website allows you to connect your accounts to track your spending and advise you of areas you’re spending your money. They will help you create a budget and get you saving in no time!

39. Wikinvest

This is a website to visit if you’re curious about investing. Good place to begin. 🙂

MultiMedia Websites: Watch Movies, Videos, Documentaries, and More

40. A Good Movie to Watch

Want to watch a movie, but not sure which one? This easy website is a quick visit away from telling you which one you should watch! Search by Random, Best Films. Genre or Latest Movies, and it will suggest one for you. It even has an option for Netflix. Date night will never be boring again!

41. Binge Clock

This site tells you how much time it takes to binge-watch a TV show (with our without commercials).

42. Documentary Heaven

Free documentaries that anyone can enjoy. A very cool website to check out sometime when

43. TED Talks

Free talks and lecture about anything and everything

44. YouTube

Do I need to explain this one? This google owned website is the world leader in video consumption. Looking for a funny cat video when you’re bored? Maybe the latest music video? Visit YouTube.

YouTube is known and used everywhere in the world. When you want to watch the latest trending video or music, YouTube has it all. Consisting of various features that also includes the ability to rent out movies for around $3.00.

I won’t go into how this can help when you’re bored because you all have used it already. But remember that it can be used for more than just watching a new viral video. It can be used as a learning platform as well. Find out how to play a song, or find a new documentary. Really, it has it all.

Music Websites and Software 

45. 8 Tracks

An excellent playlist service with playlists created by its users. Internet radio created by real people and not some funny computer algorithm.

46. Audacity

This is a free, open source, cross-platform software for recording and editing sounds or music. Check this awesome tool out if you’re creating your own music!

47. IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library

Free, public domain sheet music available to anyone that wants it. Seriously cool for anyone that wants some new music to play in their spare time and knows how to read music.

48. Justin Guitar 

Free online guitar lessons from beginner to advanced level of instruction. 1000’s of lessons and informative articles to choose from. Shows you how to read “tab” and other ways of learning a new song when you’re bored and want to play the guitar.

49. Lastfm

Keeps track of your listening habits and lets you know other people’s listening trends from around the internet. 

50. MPC-HC 

Ultra light-weight media player. Listen to just about any kind of song or sound file you want!

  • Free Alternative Media Players:
    • VLC Media Player
    • Winamp
      • “It really kicks the llamas ass.”
    • MusicBee
      • A well-rounded media player with a wealth of additional features like ripping and converting mp3s or other sound files.

51. MuseScore

Free music composition and notation software. Super cool if you want to digitalize your sheet music.

52. MusicTheory

Learning how to play a song when you’re bored is one thing. But learning how the song works and fits together based on music theory, is a whole different experience. If you truly want to become a great musician, learn some music theory. It’ll go a long way.

53. Pandora

Oh Pandora, how we love you!

Pandora was one of, if not THE first, the original music streaming services online. It remains as one of the best music websites to visit when you’re looking for a spicy playlist to listen to when you’re bored or hosting a party.

You create lists based on music type, artists, songs, or just about anything else you can think of.

The only downside is you can’t choose which songs to listen to, as Pandora will choose what you hear based off your interests.

  • Alternative Websites: 
    • Jango
      • Free music – internet radio that plays what you want, great for those who can’t access Pandora.
    • Songza
      • Playlists for whatever mood you’re inSoundozer – it’s kind of like Pandora, but you can listen to any song you search for and you can create a station based on that song. Want a plus? You don’t even need to register for the website. Just select a song and away you go!

54. Practice Sight Reading

Sight reading is the ability to read sheet music without studying or preparing for the music beforehand. This is very useful skill to have when you’re learning to play any kind of instrument. Very useful website for learning this awesome music skill.

55. Spotify

Want to listen to just about anything you want? For free? This website and app will let you listen to whatever album, artist, or genre you feel you want to listen to. They have an awesome “Discover” section, as well as sections covering new releases. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t use this awesome music tool when I’m bored!

We all love listening to music especially when bored. With Spotify, it can be very easy for you to find the right choice of music at any given moment that you want be it on your tablet, computer or phone so if you are relaxing or comforting yourself, Spotify has numerous tracks that are waiting for you so if you can’t choose it for yourself then Spotify will make things easier for you and will inevitably choose and play for you.

Just subscribe and start enjoying Spotify.

You can also find some soothing music or background noise to help you work more productively. Just a thought, though. 🙂

56. YouTube to Mp3

Have a new music video or song that you really like on YouTube? This website can convert that video into an Mp3 audio file, for FREE! All you need is the youtube link and you’re all set. It does the rest.

Writing Resources

57. Grammarly

If the name didn’t give it away and you couldn’t guess correctly, this website helps check your grammar. It’s great and I use it every time I write (including this post)! You can use their text editor or they have a toolbar addon that’s just as handy.

58. Online Proofreader

Writing your next article or paper could never be easier when you visit this awesome website. This tool checks for your grammar and spelling errors, but also makes a plagiarism check. After the website reviews your writing, it will give your writing a grade. How cool is that?!

59. OpenOffice

Don’t have Microsoft office? No Problem. This suite of programs is close as it gets to the real thing. 

60. Trello

Are you looking to get organized? This is a great free tool that will create an interactive calendar and website schedule. Work smarter, not harder I always say.

61. What The Font

Ever wondered what kind of font a website was using? Maybe you want to use it for your own website or article. This website is useful for just that! 

62. Word Frequency Counter

 It is always a good idea to check if you don’t overuse a word while writing any kind of article or paper. Having diversity in your words is a must to keep your writing fresh and engaging for your readers. Great website tool to check out!

Art  Tools and Creative Websites to Visit

63. Blender

Open source, cross-platform suite of tools for 3D creation. Can do all sorts of things such as create a video, video games, crazy editing and more.

64. Drawspace

This is a website you’ll want to visit if you want to learn to draw. A lot of great tutorials for beginners and even for those who have advanced skills.


This windows application is designed as a massive upgrade to MS Paint. Test it out and see if you like it!

66. Pixlr

Pixlr is an online image editor (similar to Adobe Photoshop but easier) that you can use for free. Also, this editor includes desktop version.

67. Sumo Paint

A super powerful graphics editor for your web browser and PC.

68. CeltX

This is a website to visit for free scriptwriting and all-in-one studio to play your next big video or production.

69. Weavesilk

Extremely fun and interactive website to visit. Start drawing and the website will create stunning images. Check it out and be prepare to be amazed.

News Websites and Apps

70. Feedly

This innovative website and app will collect blogs and other publications for you to browse by topic. Super helpful when you’re not exactly sure what to read next and want a little light reading in your spare time.

71. Newsmap

A news aggregator that gathers all the popular stories news from the web and compiles them into one spot for you to read when you’re bored. Bonus points for people that enjoy interesting visuals and want to visit a website other than facebook for their news.

72. Pocket

While you were reading an article or news story, you may run out of time. OR, you come across an article while reading another article. Well, put that piece of reading away in your “pocket”. This great app and website will help you save those pieces of writing for you to read at a later time.

Mental Health, Wellness, and Relaxation

73. Calm

This great website offers peaceful scenery and meditation exercises to help you relax. This website is very useful to visit when you’re looking to relieve some stress, or be productive during stressful work!

74. Eat This Much 

This great website automatically creates meal plans for you. Enter how many calories, how many meals and what kind of food you’d like to eat. You can even customize for budget and time schedule.

75. MyNoise

This is an online noise machine with a ton of great ambient noise. Fully customizable as well! If you need to relax and listen to some awesome sounds and noises, this is the website to visit.

76. Reddit Social Services Sub-Reddit

This is a “Subreddit” created by a professional Social Worker. If you need help, this may be a good spot to try and talk to someone or get some mental health advice.

77. Rainychat

Have you ever wanted to just chat with someone…anyone? Talking with other people is a proven stress reliever. Well, Rainychat is a website you should visit if that’s the case! Visit the website and start chatting up your new friend.

  • Related Websites to Visit Related to Rainychat
    • 7 Cups of Tea – Free, anonymous, and confidential conversations with trained and real listeners. Great choice when you need to vent to someone instead of spamming your facebook wall with sad music lyrics and memes.
    • Blah Therapy Online listening and chat service. Also, you can pay to speak with a trained and trusted therapist.

78. Sleepyti.me

Have you heard of the benefits of using sleep cycles? If you haven’t, our bodies are programmed to sleep in certain cycles which result in certain amounts of sleep benefiting us more than others. If you don’t know how this schedule works, this is the website to visit! Enter in the time you need to wake up in the morning and this will calculate when you should fall asleep. Very useful and very cool!

79. Go Lantern

This website creates a customizable plan for your emotional well-being. It begins by asking a few basic and interactive questions. Be open and honest with your answers or you won’t get the help you’re looking for!

80.Two Foods 

Are you on a diet or watching what food you eat? This is a website that will compare two different foods when you’re trying to decide which to choose!

Online Learning Courses and Tool Websites

Learning new things is just part of life. It’s what we do from the moment we’re born. Unfortunately, many people find learning new things to be really boring.

To me, this is a huge disappointment as I’m always learning new things to try and better myself. I get great joy out of learning new things in my spare time. Knowledge is power, and the more knowledge you have, the better off you are.

Below has a large list of websites that will make learning just a tad bit easier. Many people learn better hands on, but if you don’t mind learning online, this is a great list to have handy.

Let’s get started!

81.  Codecademy

82. Coursera

83. FreeCodeCamp

84. Havard Open Courseware

85. Instructables

86. KhanAcademy

When it comes to online learning, Khan Academy provides a free of charge world-class education to anyone interested regardless of where you are. The site is fully equipped with teachers, developers, designers, scientists and counted specialists who are determined to educate the world and try to impact someone’s life through education.

The organization started as one individual training his cousin and later on over the years it transformed to be an 80-person organization. No doubt khan academy has made a big difference to its users.

It’s like a global classroom with millions of learners teaming up from different parts of the world and each of them having their unique story and backgrounds teaming up to learn at khan academy.

With over 35 translated languages being used, the site offers instructional videos, practice exercises, and a modified learning dashboard in order to empower the learners to read at their own pace without any hitches from mathematics, computer programming, science, art history economics and many others, their mission is to guide the learners from as young as kindergarten to calculus using an adaptive technology to identify the learning gaps and strength of a student.

87. LearnwithOliver

88. Mathway

89. Memrise

90. Mendeley

91. MIT OpenCourseWare

92. Open 2 Study

93. Patrick JMT

94. Simple Science Fitness

95. Slader

96. Socratic

97. Stanford Open Courseware

98. Typeracer

99. Udacity

100. Udemy (any learning)

Udemy is the world leader in online learning. They offer a wide variety of online coursework that anyone can jump into using their computer! The best part is they have a lot of free courses you can take, but you can also find very affordable courses as well!

The learning is offered via a variety of platforms. Video / Audio / and visual guidance is most often used by the instructor who assembles the course.

Wait, you have a skill you could teach others? Great!

You could become an instructor yourself and teach others! This is also a great way to make some extra money when you’re bored!

Instructor Quote - The Web Developer Bootcamp

If you sell a course, you make a decent amount of profit from the sale. Now imagine selling A LOT of those courses. You could make some decent money, just showing others how to perform something you ALREADY know a lot about. How cool is that?!

10/10 – Would recommend!

101. uopeople.edu

102. Yale Open Courseware

103. GIThub

104. Academic Earth

105. Class Central

106. Future Learn

107. Lumosity

This website is super awesome! Learn how to train your brain, while also playing online games!

I know it sounds too good to be true, but plenty of people swear by this awesome website. Check it out and boost your productivity when you’re bored today!

108. Itunes U (Online Schooling)

Itunes U is still new but the site has a lot to offer for any student that’s interested. You can submit your homework, engage in private discussions or use an integrated grade book to stay connected with your educators via an Ipad.

The tutors are given a platform to create assignments within minutes and immediately after you unbridle your post, the task is made accessible to the students so as to do them and analyze the work.

You can quickly build lessons for your students just by downloading your teaching materials like documents, photos, videos or worksheets to your iTunes U and there are no limits in creating assignments.

Note that homework remains to be a student’s main agenda on this site and once the assignment is published, the students are allowed to have full access to all the constituents and grading information that they need and are given.

109. AllRecipes (cooking)

Photo by SalTheColourGeek

If you love cooking, visiting AllRecipes could benefit you because it is equipped with special tutors who will give what it takes to assist you in any food preparation that you may need.

The site has inspired many home cookers and has seen them teaming up with friends, family, and their followers from various parts of the world having a good time learning about cooking and enjoying many different foods.

All Recipes started two decades ago with only a cookie recipe that eventually grew progressively to become the finest largest food social network site with up to 40 million home cooks and 3 billion pages that are produced annually in 24 countries and 19 different sites in 13 languages.

Go check their online classes, register for free and you will be given an opportunity to study online anytime anywhere you want and also to try out new cooking skills too.

110. Spreeder

Spreeder has claimed to be the world’s top speed reading website that was even confirmed by various benchmarks on the internet such as Alexa Rank.

This site has helped a lot of people who were not able to read or understand sentences or words correctly.

The company has worked with a number of leading experts in speed reading, learning, and memory with highly skilled educators and best-known authors, who are equipped to give you the best services that you need so spend some time and take a look at this site and try to expertise on your reading skills.

Who couldn’t benefit from reading a little faster? I know I could!

111. EHow (Any Learning)

If you think you can do crafting, building or book learning, joining ehow could transform you in a way or another. Just by signing up, you are permitted to submit any of your pertinent work, and join other talented and contributors from other parts of the world to accomplish different tasks on the site. ehow will guide and empower you to solve any rising challenge or task you may encounter.

112. TED (Learning Videos)

If you are a person that seeks to find for a deeper indulgent of the world, then this site is perfectly meant for you. TED is owned by a non-profit organization that involves spreading of ideas, typically in the form of short videos.

People are given influential talks about technology and design congregated to cover most of the topics with over 100 languages from business to science and global issues like climate change, environment and aiding in sharing of ideas with different communities around the continent.

Why is TED Good for When You’re Bored?

  • Who isn’t curious about the world around them? TED is an excellent resource for learning new and exciting things. Check it out, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Language Learning Websites

I’m not going to write a blurb about each of these websites, as they’re all pretty self-explanatory. Browse the websites below and see which one you like better. These are all free resources that provide you the ability to learn a new language!

113. BliuBliu

114. Clozemaster

115. Duolingo

116. Easy Languages

117. IElanguages

118. Lang8

119. Language Transfer

Fun Game Websites and Software

I’ll be coming out with an extensive list of free or low-cost games to play online and offline in the future. I’m going to come out with a complete list, but these are just a few that I was able to come up with off the top of my head and some quick research.

Websites 120-140



Heroes of the Storm

Home of the Underdogs


Path of Exile


Planetside 2

Pokemon TCG





Steam F2P section


Team Fortress 2

The Free Bundle

Town of Salem

Updated Section: Websites Added After Intitial Publication

141. Amazon

Not gonna lie, Amazon is just fun to browse.  Even if it’s not very friendly on my wallet at times.

Can’t believe I almost left the BIGGEST shopping website on the planet out of this list.

Amazon is considered to be the world’s leading and most innovative website when it comes to quality and supply of properties. This is because the site has plenty of goods and amenities that would completely suit all your need under one roof.

Amazon is fantastic because it gives a customer an opportunity to remark and post out his/her view about a certain product and you can mandate a product online and for a very reasonable price.

142. Ebay

Ebay is currently on the foremost list of online motor trade site that anyone interested in motor retailing and purchasing should be aiming at. For the past few years, the company has been on the lead in giving out a practical avenue for both the buyers and sellers from different parts the world.

Why is Ebay Good at Solving Boredom?

Two reasons really:

  1. Buy awesome stuff, which in turn helps keep us busy.
  2. Can start a simple business of buying cheap/clearance goods and selling them online for a higher price. I think that sounds pretty cool, don’t you?

143. Craiglist

Craigslist started back in 1995 by Craig Newman with only a few individuals. But 21 years down the line, the company is still robust and now it is comprised of about 700 sites in 70 countries that work as local forums and classifieds.

The website offers a wide range of services from housing, jobs, goods, local activities and many other services! The site has gathered over 50 million pageviews every month with over 60 million views from U.S. alone.

Also, don’t be left out if you don’t have any job at the moment because Craiglist offers over a million vacant job listings every month.

Why is Craigslist a Great Website to Visit When You’re Bored?

There are NUMEROUS reasons why anyone visits this insanely large and popular website. Especially when they’re looking for a productive website!

  1. Has local and national job boards for those who are looking for a job.
  2. Just like Ebay, you can find used goods to purchase or sell your own products as a hobby or side business.
  3. Community section has a ton of cool events and services listed to help keep you busy when bored.
  4. The personals section is always a treat, even if you just want a good laugh.
  5. Just like the community section, you can find affordable housing, apartments or other living arrangements you might not find elsewhere.
  6. It’s a great marketplace to sell or showcase your skills and hobbies. Guitar players and other musicians, I’m looking at you!

Also, check out our guide on how to sell items on Craigslist now if you’re looking to start selling some of your extra stuff!

144. Ebay

Ebay is currently on the foremost list of online motor trade site that anyone interested in motor retailing and purchasing should be aiming at. For the past few years, the company has been on the lead in giving out a practical avenue for both the buyers and sellers from different parts the world.

Why is Ebay Good at Solving Boredom?

Two reasons really:

  1. Buy awesome stuff, which in turn helps keep us busy.
  2. Can start a simple business of buying cheap/clearance goods and selling them online for a higher price. I think that sounds pretty cool, don’t you?

145. Pricegrabber

This website has been around for a LONG time. Since 1999 to be exact!

This website is an excellent resource to use when you want to do some serious comparison shopping.

Pricegrabber will save you time on your next shopping project by comparing prices from across the entire web and letting you know where the best deal is!

146. Rotten Tomatoes

This is a trusted website that has over 25 million new users every month and is published on the opinions of numerous film and TV positive critics that are later used to rate a movie.

Depending on the percentage of critic review established, a good review is indicated by a fresh red tomato which is above 60%.

Whereas a bad rated movie is judged by a green tomato which is below 59% so rather than wasting your precious time and money going for a movie you can visit rotten tomatoes first so as to know if the movie you want to watch is good or bad either way rotten tomatoes has all the required results for you.

147. Focus Writer

If you enjoy writing, focus writer should be on your list because it gives you a stress-free environment to write and perfect your writing skills.

Just by moving the mouse to the screen edges, the interface is exploited on a hide-away technique that enables the program to have an accustomed look in your work.

Other features include auto-save, type-writer, time effect, live statistics, timers and alarms and much more. Focus writer is awesome as it’s translated to over 20 different languages.

148. Focus booster

This website will help you to know your work balance and assist in finishing your work productively as the sessions and breaks that you take are recorded automatically to a timesheet.

You don’t have to spend your time trying to recall all your wasted time as the system will assist you to focus more and manage any sort of distraction that comes your way when you are doing your work/project.

Using the simple dashboard reporting will help to visualize the progress in your work and within some few minutes, your invoices from the CSV are then generated and shared with the managers or clients.

149. Netflix (Movies, T.V. Shows, Documentaries)

If you love watching movies and series Netflix should be the best option of stamping out boredom. It is estimated that one-third of the internet packet that is directed each day on the internet are Netflix packets and we have seen for the past few years.

With as little as $7.99 per month, you can never be bored again.

Just subscribe and start watching TV shows, documentaries, and movies right at the comfort of your home any time you want. They also offer a ton of Netflix Original movies, documentaries and TV Series which are worth the monthly subscription alone.

150. Hulu (Movies, T.V. Shows, Documentaries)

The website offers a wide range of viewing strategies for their customers and you can watch it using various devices either on your TV with your X-box, PlayStation, Apple TV or Roku.

You can also use your PC or a smartphone that is Hulu actuated. Catch all the drama, reality TV shows or comedies through using any of these devices and you will get to experience a huge selection of the finest TV programs that perfectly grabs what you want and all this services cannot be found anywhere else apart from Hulu.

151. Soundcloud (Music)

SoundCloud generally involves recording and uploading of music files to the site and allowing people to share the files easily with either your friends, blogs or any social networks.

This only takes some few minutes to sign up and start sharing your sound files to any of your desired social site which can be accessed anywhere as well as other interesting applications that are created on the SoundCloud platform which has lead the site to be the world’s top social sound podium for anyone to create or share sounds.


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