Creating a WordPress Website: Your Ultimate Guide

Turning YOUR Hobby into a WordPress Website:

Do you have something you’re extremely passionate about? Probably have a handy dandy hobby that you like to dabble in from time to time, right?

Why not turn that passion for your hobby into a WordPress website! You’d not only be able to share your expert knowledge about your hobby with others, but also make passive income in the process!

Making a WordPress website has never been easier, and I’m going to show you why.

Creating a WordPress Website: Your Ultimate Guide


The basic outline for creating your WordPress website:

  1. Discover your favorite hobby or passion
  2. Start your website with WordPress via Bluehost

  3. Create interesting and useful information for your website visitors

  4. Generate money based on referrals you’ve mentioned within your content

  5. Earn money for a long period of time from the resource you created in step 1

Anyone can follow this blueprint to make a website up and have it running in a few hours.

In this project guide you will learn:

  • Tools needed to make a WordPress website
  • Why you should build an online business by making a website

  • How you can make money following a simple business strategy and website blueprint

  • The 4 basic building blocks of a successful affiliate business website

Tools (free & paid) You’ll Learn to Utilize When Starting Your Website Project:

  • Bluehost or Other Webhost: to house your website

  • Google Keyword Planner: finding profitable keywords when you make a website

  • Domain Name Generators: spur your creativity when creating your website

  • Genesis Theme and Premium Themes with essential plugins

  • Affiliate programs: monetizing your website with Amazon and other Affiliate Programs

  • Media programs: Create alternative media to expand your audience or purchase designs from Fiverr

Please note: This article is extremely in-depth with a lot of external references to follow. I can only fit so much information into this guide, and to explain everything in as much detail as other guides already provide that information would just be silly.

I’m going to explain the why and where of each process of building an affiliate business website. I will reference many guides and articles for you to
follow to actually set up and perform that step.

Also….Please bookmark or share this page in case you close this page out on accident!

Why Should You Make a WordPress Website When You’re Bored?

Creating a WordPress Website: Your Ultimate Guide

You should (and can!) build a website for any number of reasons:

  • You’re bored and need something to do (duh, that’s why you’re here right?)

  • Wanting to make money

  • Lose the crappy day job and be your own boss

  • Passionate about a particular topic

  • Unlimited earning potential

Everyone has their own reasons to create a website. Maybe they’re bored with their current job. Maybe they have a million dollar idea. Maybe they need some extra money.

Maybe they’re just bored and wanted to try something new.

Whatever the reason, it’s a decision that anyone can make. Better yet, it’s a decision you can make today!

Creating a WordPress Website: Your Ultimate Guide

4 Easy Steps to Make a WordPress Website

  1. Brainstorm and research your business niche topic

  2. Create a search engine optimized website or blog

  3. Create and monetize epic and useful content to attract visitors and sales

  4. Promote your content to attract readers and visitors

I know, I know. The steps above look really short and it’s obviously very abbreviated. But these are essentially the four general steps to creating a passive income business. Now, there are multiple steps within each of the four building blocks of building a business online. But in the short, this is really the basic process of making money online.

Don’t you worry, though, I will go through each building block, step-by-step. I’ll try not to bore you, though, as this will be extremely in depth.

Make a Website Step #1: Choosing Your Website’s Niche Topic and Finding a Website Domain Name

Creating a WordPress Website: Your Ultimate Guide

When you make a website, it has to have a theme! This is the lifeblood of why anyone wants to visit your website!

With no theme or topic, your just another website that won’t get found.

You don’t want that, and I sure as hell don’t want to see you fail because you didn’t plan ahead.

This step is all about research and finding out what you want to accomplish with your website! I’ve fully explained this step in another post I’ve written, right here.

This step is THAT important for you to find this out!

However, if you don’t want to check out that in-depth article, this step can be boiled down to a few simple steps:

  1. Decide what kind of website you want to make (blog, shopping, hobby, online store, etc.)
  2. Brainstorm website ideas
  3. Research keywords and their search traffic using Google Keyword Planner


Hopefully, you’ve chosen a website topic based off those results you’ve found using the Google Keyword Planner.

If you still didn’t have any success finding a niche or don’t feel confident, Stewart over at has a great guide to choosing a profitable niche to get started in.

Now the REAL fun starts!

Making your WordPress website! 😉

Choosing a Domain Name and Setting Up Your Web Host

Create Your Website with WordPress and BlueHost!
Bluehost Web Hosting $3.95

Look, you have to own your name. You just have to. It’s the rules.

Alright so it’s not against the rules, but do you really want to have a website that looks like “” do you?

It’s unprofessional and plain ugly. Plus, would you trust any information from that website? Probably not.

Let’s get started and start making a website brand!

Pro Tip: This article on is a great guide to follow when looking at creating a business brand.

What is WordPress and a Web Host?

Think of your  WordPress website like a car.

Creating a WordPress Website: Your Ultimate Guide

You have three key elements within a car:

  1. Car Engine – Powers the vehicle

  2. Car Frame – Determines type of vehicle and basic appearance

  3. Body/Appearance – The fancy stuff that makes it look ooooh so pretty

Now look at the three key elements to a website:

  1. Web Host – “Engine” of the website, holds all of the information and powers it to the web via a server

  2. Website Builder – Basic outline of how your website will be designed and function

  3. Theme – What makes your website look different from other websites. The paint on the car, if you will.

Bluehost is what I use to power or “host” this website. They’re extremely reliable and power thousands of websites.

What’s Important When Creating a Domain and Business Name?

Much like choosing your niche topic of your online business, creating a great domain name is extremely important. This is the first thing anyone will see
when they visit your website.

It also will be doubling as your businesses name. Much like a store has a name like Target, or a restaurant has a name like Bob’s Beefy Burgers, your domain is your business identity.

A few quick tips to use when selecting a domain name for your website:

  1. Make it short & memorable

  2. Has a .com extension (.net is okay as well)

  3. Ability to be brandable


  5. Niche relevant (use variations of your niche keyword)

Examples of great domain names that are niche specific:

    – Shaving tips and tricks

    – Drag and drop graphic /photo design

    – Everything you’ll ever need to know about starting a food truck business

    – Everyone knows BuzzFeed. Funny and viral news that creates quite a “buzz”.

Are you getting the idea yet?

In case you need help thinking of some fun or witty business names, has come up with a wonderful list of 18 tools to help pick a domain name.
Here are a few sites I used to generate some ideas for my own website:

Alright, at this point you should have a domain name ready to go in the back of your mind.
We’re going to register that domain name through our Web host of choice in the next step.

Sign up now, register your domain with Bluehost and let’s get started!

Bluehost Web Hosting $3.95

Make a Website Step #2: Making a Website with WordPress and Bluehost

Creating a WordPress Website: Your Ultimate Guide

Every website needs a host and a platform to build it on! Sorry, it’s just the rules.

Totally joking…But you probably don’t know how to code a website, right? I know I don’t!

Basically, a web host is basically a “space” on the internet that you’re leasing to house your website. It stores all of your data and relays that to the computers and smartphones across the world for others to see.

No Webhost = No Website. Simple as that.

So your next question is probably “What’s the difference between WordPress and a Webhost?”

Great question! WordPress is your platform or website “builder”.

WordPress is what you use to physically make your website, which in turn is then stored on your WebHost.

Signing Up for a Web Host Provider

Bluehost Web Hosting $3.95


Reasons I use Bluehost are:

  • Unlimited Domain Hosting (You can make more than one website!)

  • E-mail and Chat support and very simple to set up

  • Money-back guarantee (I actually used this once when I wasn’t sold on my idea yet)

  • One step WordPress installation (more on that in a moment)

  • Affordable at only a few bucks a month

WP Engine Managed Hosting for BuddyPress


Reasons to Use WPEngine are:

  • Premium Hosting

  • Dedicated Server

Online Guide for Installation of WordPress on Web Host:


For the sake of simplicity, I won’t detail exactly how to install and create WordPress through Bluehost. Why?

They actually went ahead and detailed a very nice guide for you to follow! This step will not take very long at all! 5 minutes flat if you’re really quick about it!

Pro tip: Remember that when you sign up through Bluehost, you get your domain name for free.


WPSmackdown – How to Create WordPress Installation

Other Web Hosts:

Visit this detailed guide on how to setup WordPress with any web host!

WordPress and Why You Need it to Make Your Website

According to, WordPress now powers 25% of the entire internet! This is an amazing
number of websites using this platform to create and maintain their content.

Why are we all using WordPress though? These are quite a few reasons I can think of:

WordPress Features:

  • Easy to understand with no coding needed

  • Extremely customization

  • Huge database of “plugins” to give added functionality

  • Huge user base (25%!) of people to help support any issues that may arise

  • “Theme’s” allow for any type of website to be designed and look they way you need

Online Guides for Learning WordPress Basics and Advanced Instructions

Before we get started with setting up and creating your website on WordPress, browse a few of these websites and guides and get familiar with what you’ll expect.

WordPress has a very detailed and thorough guide for the first steps with WordPress
that you can follow which explains everything you need to know.

I also created a very detailed WordPress tutorial, check it out!

Other great websites also give extremely detailed instructions as to how to use WordPress to the best of your ability. They are:

Essential Pages Your Website Needs

Creating a WordPress Website: Your Ultimate Guide

Every website has standard pages they need to provide to their visitors. Some are for informational purposes, others are for contact purposes, and others
for the boring legal jargon that we must include on our website as well.

Most of these pages should look very familiar. Why? Because I can guarantee you’ve seen them before.

Essential Pages to Include on Your Business Website:

  • About / About Us

    Believe it or not, people actually want to know who you are! This is a perfect page to introduce yourself and what you’re hoping
    to accomplish with your business. I’ve also included a few other useful pieces of info to include in your about page. Check out my about page for a good example!

    • Expectations of what kind of content you’re creating

    • Navigation to other pages/posts that you want your visitors to visit

    • Basic invitation to sign up for your email list

    • Ask them to follow you on social media

  • Contact Us

    This page is pretty self-explanatory (I hope..). Offer your readers an opportunity to contact you with any questions, concerns or
    inquiries they may have for you. My contact page has a few different pieces of information.

    • Use your secure contact form plugin to create a contact form

    • Offer your website or business email contact

    • I also offered some of the same information as I did on the About Us Page, because why not? Easier navigation helps everyone

  • Legal Pages

    You’ll need to set up legal pages (typically located at the bottom of your website). There are a few plugins that offer creating
    these pages. I would suggest not using them for the sake of legality. There are a few websites that you can visit to create the language you need
    to put on these pages. These change often, so make sure you’re using the most updated version!

    • Terms of Service – Visit this website to generate your Terms of Service language

    • Privacy Policy – Visit this website to generate your Privacy Policy language

    • Earnings & Affiliate Disclaimer – Copy and paste the following: “Per the FTC’s recent policy update that requests we be transparent about
      any and all affiliate relations we may have on this website, you the visitor or customer, should assume that any and all links in this website
      are affiliate links. If you utilize these links and visit the resulting site, a cookie may be set in your web browser that will cause us to
      receive compensation if you make a purchase.Please also note that earnings from the sale of guides, ebooks or adverts may also occur.”

Optional pages to create when you make a website:

  • Start Here – This is a tactic many websites will use to catch the attention of a visitors eye. This would be a page that you want to really get across
    important information. It could be the beginning of your sales funnel. Maybe it’s a great directory for the rest of your important posts and
    information. The choice is yours! Here’s my Start Here page!

  • Resource & Tools – This is a page many people use to sell products or services as an affiliate, or also offer great links to places they think would
    be helpful to their readers. We created a Resource and Tool Page as well, check it out!

  • Blog – If you’d like to have all of your posts shown in one central place regardless of category, this is a good page to create. When you open a
    new page in WordPress, look the right-hand side. You’ll see a section that states “Page Attributes”. Under “template” select “Blog”. Congrats, you
    now have a page that will list all of your posts which will help get you found!

Time Out! Here’s a Review of 8 Steps We’ve Accomplished Already while Making your Website

Creating a WordPress Website: Your Ultimate Guide

Here’s a basic list of what we’ve accomplished so far in your endeavor to make a website:

If you haven’t completed any of these steps, I highly suggest you go back and complete these before we get started on the next part of our business

  1. Brainstormed Niche Ideas for our business topic (probably your hobby)

  2. Researched Keywords for our domain/ business name based on keyword research

  3. Selected a Domain Name

  4. Signed up for a Web host such as Bluehost and registered our Domain Name

  5. Installed WordPress via your new Web host

  6. Found and installed a premium theme for our website such as Genesis

  7. Installed plugins to enhance our website’s functionality

  8. Created essential pages every website needs such as About, Contact, and Legal Pages

Make a Website Step #3: Creating Content on Your New Website

Creating a WordPress Website: Your Ultimate Guide

Now we’re down to the nitty gritty here people! We have our website up and running with a theme, plugins, and some essential pages. Now we need to fill it
with something!

There’s one phrase I need you to remember: “Content is king.” Here let me say it a few more times for good measure.

Content is king. Content is king. Content is king.
….Should I say it again? Alright, maybe once more…

Content is King: Create Valuable, Unique, and Interesting Content to Attract Traffic and Give People a Reason to Visit Your Website

Before I start this section, I want to ask you a question. Are you okay with that? Okay cool.
Why do you go to the movie theater?

Is it for the excitement of the new movie? Is it for the experience? Maybe the popcorn?

I’m going to tell you why.

It’s because it’s different. It’s fun. It’s EXCITING! It’s fun. It’s EXCITING!

Think of your website in this same light. Why would anyone visit your website over the next guy? What value are you providing them that your reader can’t obtain somewhere else?

Your content is what separates you from your competitors. Even if you don’t have any competitors, you need to grab the attention of the people that land on your website.

Udemy Generic 300x250

Identify the Type of Content You’re Going to Provide Visitors

Content can be identified in many different ways and comes in several forms. What kind of content you provide is going to be determined a lot by the topic
you chose for your niche.

Are you doing a review website? Well, you’re obviously going to write reviews.

Are you writing about your favorite hobby in hopes to educate or teach others how to get active in that hobby as well? Well you’re going to write a lot of
“how-to’s” and “best-of’s”.

Maybe you want to make a series of videos that instruct people how to do something? Identify what kinds of information you’re providing your audience, and make it awesome!

Before we go further below, I created an in-depth guide on how to create content for your newly made website! Check it out!

How to Get Started Creating Content

So you made this great website, awesome! Now we have to add content.

There are some basic elements to all of your content you’ll want to follow:

  1. Make it original and in-depth
  2. Make content worth of sharing with others
  3. Create content that will keep visitors coming back
  4. Have fun, or your visitors won’t

Like this infographic? Get more content marketing tips from Copyblogger.

Content Creation Guides

Make a Website Step #4: Monetize & Promote Your New Website

There are multiple ways to make money with your website.

I don’t have time in THIS guide to explain them all. So I created another guide on how to monetize your website.

Check it out now if you’re interested!

In Conclusion…

I know this was a HUGE guide, and I truly hope you take some or all of these steps and get started on creating a WordPress website.

I want to thank everyone I’ve linked to for their great references.