How to Create Exciting Website Content – Ultimate Guide



Create Content Your Audience will Love

The key to any good website is the content it delivers to their visitors. Personally, I’d say creating amazing website content is the #1 most important aspect to any successful website owner. Without website content, you have no website. Pretty simple as that.

Writing Will Be Your #1 Website Content to Provide Your Audience

Writing is going to be the #1 type of content you’re going to provide your visitors. This is for two reasons:

First, it’s easier to digest information as a reader. People love to read and is the #1 method people use to learn new information. We do have to read all
those books in school for a reason don’t we?

Secondly, search engines such as Google need a way to find your website. Writing is the only way they can find you! Search engines “crawl” your website by
reading your information and determining who is going to benefit from seeing it.

If you’re writing about riding a motorcycle, Google isn’t going to provide your website to someone who searched for videos about cats. This is also why researching your primary keyword is so important. You want Google and other search engines to identify you with a particular topic!

Content Article Ideas When Creating Website Content:

  • Product and Service Reviews

  • Opinion or Rants

  • Lists

    • Best Of


    • Top 10 (or whatever number you choose)


    • Best of Articles

  • Did You Know Articles

  • Ultimate Guides (like this one)

  • Interview of Industry ExpertOne interview

    • Expert Roundups

  • Link Page

These are just the tip of the ice-burg of what kind of content you can write about. Maybe there’s a type of article above that hasn’t been invented yet?
There’s no limit to what kind of content you can provide your readers!

Creating Your Content: Writing for Both Your Audience and Search Engines!

Alright, so I’d be totally lying if said you were only writing for the people visiting your niche website. Yes, you are writing to captivate and educate

your readers.

You’re also writing to ensure your website gets found by the main search engines – most important of them all – Google.

What is “SEO” and Why is it Important?

Per wikipedia – SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or webpage in a search engines unpaid results (also known as natural, organic or earned

In layman’s terms, it’s how likely someone will find you in Google without you having to pay them for an advertisement. This is the easiest and cheapest way to bringing traffic to your website.

I won’t get too detailed with this, as even I don’t really know how to do it. However, if you follow a few certain guidelines you’ll do just fine!

On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is what you can control the most. It’s the little things you can do within your content to help boost your rankings in the search engines.

Off-Page SEO is handled in the background of your website by providing the search engines clean code – or HTML – to help them crawl your website.
Thankfully for us non-coders, this is taken care of for us by WordPress and our premium theme we chose earlier.

Also, remember the Yoast SEO plugin we installed on our website via WordPress? That plugin is going to do a lot of the hard work for us in the background if we use it correctly.

Since On-Page SEO is what we can control the most, I’ll give you a few tips and guides to help you along..

Writing SEO Best Practices: Write Like a Human, For Humans

No one wants to look at a wall of text, right? I mean, you might as well be back in school if you’re reading huge paragraphs full of information that puts
you to sleep.

There are a few things you can do to get a lot of information across to people without sacrificing both their attention span, or your ability to be found by Google.

  1. Write like a HUMAN! I mean it; no one wants to read something that’s totally and completely regurgitated from a machine. This will help you engage
    your readers (be yourself man!), and also keep things interesting.

  1. Use short paragraphs of only a few sentences each. Why?..

    1. This helps break up the text into easier to digest portions, and it’s nicer to look at.


    1. People have short attention spans. Look, a squirrel!

  1. Use lists! This whole article is a giant list of lists. This is a list right now! Holy crap, so many lists to read!

    1. People love lists, and for good reason. Their fun, and easy to read quickly.


    1. Again with the attention span thing..most readers want to browse

  1. Always have a good intro! How many times have you read a page or two of a book in a library and moved on? Same principle applies here people, make
    it interesting!

  1. Speaking of intros, you should also have a good conclusion with a final thought (or maybe even a product suggestion 😉 )

  1. Link to a lot of relevant information to your information. Affiliate link or not! This will give credit to people you’ve taken information from,
    and frankly…spread the wealth around. Link out to someone and they may return the favor!

Writing On-Page SEO Tips and Tricks:

  • Include targeted keywords in the URL (Yoast SEO will help with this)

  • Mention your target keyword early in your page or post (Yoast SEO will help with this)

  • Use categories (WordPress will help with this)

  • Headers and Subheaders used appropriately (Yoast SEO will help with this)

  • Link to other posts and pages within your website

  • Link to other really awesome websites

  • Write for people, not search engines

Non-Writing Tips and Tricks for SEO:

  • Use permalinks to make your links “pretty” (Yoast SEO will help with this)

  • Customize your Category and Tag page descriptions to help the crawl bots know what you’re talking about

  • Setup and use breadcrumbs on your website for easier navigation

  • Setup your social media profiles (if you haven’t yet) and link them in YOAST SEO

WordPress SEO & YOAST SEO Project Guides:

Writing Content Project Guides:

Outsource Website Content: Finding Writers

I won’t touch on this topic too much as I personally haven’t done it. I enjoy writing and I feel like I’m decent at it(probably not the case but who

There are a couple places you can get writers to provide content for your website:


You can hire pretty much anyone for a variety of services on Fiverr. If you guessed that everything costs $5, then you’re correct!

You can order a variety of web content from Fiverr such as:

  • Content Writing

  • Logo Design

  • Quirky Messages or Pictures

  • Presentations

  • Photoshop

Other Web Content Writing Services Available For Hire:

  • Elance

Here is a nice Infographic of theUltimate List of Content Writing Services via

Ultimate list of content writing services

Alternative to Writing Content: Provide Several Types of Website Content to Reach a Larger Audience!

Not everyone wants to just read your  website content. Some want to see your content. Some want to hear your content. Some want a combination of all them put

Many people are visual learners, some read, and some like to listen. Writing is only one aspect of your website content, so you will want to include other types of
content as well.

Everyone processes information in different ways, and in order to get your information across to them, you’ll want to provide them different types of
content to keep them engaged and coming back to your website!

You’ve seen a few infographics and photos on this article, did this website content help you? Did thit provide a reprieve from my terrible writing? Maybe it made a little
more sense?

Apparently, 65% of All People Are Visual Learners, which means you have A LOT of people left in the dust if you’re not presenting them information in a visual manner.

Research also shows that posts and articles with images get 94% more views. More visitors = higher % of someone possibly buying into whatever it is you’re selling them on your new business website!

Don’t’ know what I mean? No worries, I’ll list a few different types of content below!

Alternative Media Website Content Ideas:

  • Pictures

    • Memes & Funnies


    • Inspirational


    • Quotes


    • Screenshots


    • Infographics

  • Videos

    • Instructional


    • Introductions

  • Power-points or Slideshow

  • Podcast or Audio

How to Create Website Content: Alternative Media

To provide the visitors of your online business with more than just a large wall of text, you’re going to need to change it up and provide them a little
more. That’s where our alternative media will come in.

Pro Tip: Having images in a post has a huge affect on how often it gets shared on social media on websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Obtain Commercially Licensed Stock Photos to Use on Your Affiliate Business Website

Look, there are TONS of websites out there to get stock images to put or alter for your website. Unfortunately for you and your budget, most of them aren’t
free. More so, if they are free, there’s usually a catch.

First off, do NOT use Google images. The last thing we want is to get sued for a photo you own no rights to. There are a few websites that do allow you to use images on your website, no strings attached.

What does it mean to have a “commercial license” on a photo, and why is it important?

Most photographers want credit or compensation for their work! What this means is you can’t just use any photo on your website and call it a day. You have
to be careful with which photos we choose to use, as we don’t want to get sued!

Make sure any image you use or alter for your business’s use is free under a creative-commons license and mentions that is free for commercial use. Even if you don’t use a free option, make sure you follow all requirements the photographer or website have set to make sure your compliant with copyright laws.

Project Guides to Free Stock Photos:

14 Amazingly Free Stock Photo Websites

20 Sites To Get Free Stock Images For Commercial Use

17 Amazing Sites With Breathtaking Free Stock Photos

15 Amazingly Free Stock Photo Websites

Copyright FAQ:

Understanding Copyright And Licenses


Photo Creation Method #1 – Learn Graphic Design and Become a Visual Media Master with Udemy

How to Create Exciting Website Content - Ultimate Guide

The best and most authentic method of creating beautiful images for your business website is to learn graphic design and using Adobe Photoshop. YouTube is filled with instructional videos showing you how to use the program.

So what’s the problem with YouTube? Quality and depth of information.

If you’re going to take the time to learn a skill such as Adobe Photoshop or learning a different graphic design program, you should probably do it right. Thankfully for us, we have an option to help us learn a ton of great skill sets such as graphic design!

Udemy: The World Leader in Online Coursework

Udemy is the web leader when it comes to learning an online course. You can educate yourself on about any skill you can think of. Udemy would also be helpful for those of you wanting to brush up on your writing skills as well.

Save on Photography courses

Photo Creation Method 2: Drag and Drop Graphic Design Programs

Personally, I use Canva for a lot of my photo creation and alterations. They are great to use, and it’s completelyfor a lot of my photo creation and alterations. They are great to use, and it’s completely
free. They do have premium options as well to really enhance your images, but Canva’s free options are excellent!

All you need to do is upload an existing photo or template they provide that you’ve chosen to alter (one we’ve found with proper license if it’s not our
own photo) and design it using a completely drag and drop system. You can create anything you want: Facebook covers, blog headers, and even infographics!

Additionally, if you sign up via facebook, you can upload your photos for a nice personal touch!

Canva Guides:

5 Steps to Great Graphics with Canva: Newbie Guide

The Complete Beginners Guide to Using Canva

Alternative Photo Tools:

  • PowerPoint

  • Adobe Photoshop

Photo Creation Method #3: Go Viral With the Meme

Memes are funny… Memes are viral…. Memes are extremely shareable. Memes can get you found!

Sprinkle a few memes throughout your content and your visitors will love you forever! Unfortunately you can’t just post any meme on your website. You
didn’t create it, which means you don’t own it!

Like always, there are a few tools you can use to create a meme in just a few minutes and add a new wrinkle to your content!

Meme Creation Tools:

  • Meme Generator

Meme Project Guides:
Memejacking: The Complete Guide to Creating Memes for …

Going Viral: The Ultimate Guide to Meme Marketing

Guide to Using Memes in Marketing and Social Media

Video Content Creation: YouTube is the 2nd Largest Search Engine in the World, Use it!

Little known fact: YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet.

How to Create Exciting Website Content - Ultimate Guide

Created by Mushroom Networks

What does this mean for your website? It’s a whole new opportunity to reach an audience you otherwise wouldn’t! Cooler yet, you can easily embed your videos within your website!

Double bonus, if you create really popular content on YouTube, you can not only generate more traffic for you website, but may also earn a passive income
from YouTube as well!

Cool right?! Not comfortable in front a camera? That’s okay too! A video on YouTube doesn’t need to be a vlog of yourself talking to an audience. There are plenty ofother videos you can make that will provide value to your audience.

Also, YouTube isn’t the only video website out there either. Share your video to multiple video websites and reach an even larger audience. Just make sure
you try to link back to our website and content to generate leads!

If you REALLY want to turn up your video production, you could even become a live streamer on a service such as Live stream yourself on the
computer competing in a game, playing an instrument or anything in between. Again, it’s all about reaching a larger audience to ultimately send back to
your business website. If you can relate what you stream back to the niche of your website, even better!

Video Alternatives to YouTube:

Video Creation Guides:

How to Make a YouTube Video

21 Ways to Dominate YouTube: The Ultimate Guide

The Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Compelling YouTube … – Getting Started

A Quick Guide to Getting Started as a Twitch Streamer

Content Creation Conclusion: Be Authentic, Be Creative, Be Original…But Most Importantly, Be Yourself!

Whether you’re writing a review or ranting about the latest change in your industry, or creating a brand new infographic; be yourself. Don’t compare your
work to others. If you’re original, interesting and creative, you will get an audience.