How to Monetize Your Website or Blog: The Complete Guide

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Monetizing Your Website

We’ve already covered a bit of how monetizing your website will generate passive income in our post on how to make a WordPress website. There are multiple ways you can generate income with your website:

  • advertisements
  • digital products
  • affiliate marketing

These are a few different ways to make money with your newly created website.

What is affiliate marketing and how much can you make?

Affiliate marketing is a reward based system, where a business allows an affiliate to promote or suggest their product/service and compensates the affiliate for their referral or sale.

So how can you get started? First, you need to sign up for affiliate programs merchant!

These programs have a list of businesses and services that have a partnership with. For example, through Commission Junction, you can sign up as an affiliate promoting, or, and pretty much anything in between.

The merchants will provide you with many tools that you can use to promote the programs you sign up for. Banners, links, pictures and anything else you can think of.

The merchants also handle tracking of your clicks and commission sales. They will also provide payment directly to you. There are a lot of affiliate merchant websites out there, but some of them aren’t so great.

Top Suggested Affiliate Websites to Sign Up for:

Once you sign up for each of the affiliate merchants, you’ll want to find advertisers or products that fit your niche to “apply for”. The advertiser will review your website to make sure it isn’t spammy or sketchy and will approve you once they see that it isn’t.

If they deny you at first. Go back at a later time and apply again when you have more visitors. They may accept you in the future!

Affiliate Product Examples:

Let’s theorize that your website is all about tennis and how great it is. You write a lot of how to improve your skill guides, maybe a few reviews of current or past tennis players and you have a good amount of people reading your content.

If you sign up for Amazons affiliate program, they will offer you thousands of products you can pitch to your audience in hopes of making a commission. Go
to your affiliate page, find a few products related to tennis and include these with your written content.

Now if someone were to read that material, click on your link to Amazon and buy that product, BOOM commission. That’s it! It’s super easy!

Project Affiliate Program Guides:

Look, you’ve done all this work to create your website, write content, make some pictures and link out to some awesome affiliate programs to make some money.

This isn’t the end of the road just yet. Yes, google will find your post. No, it probably won’t be in front of a lot of people until you’re a trusted brand and have a lot of content to offer.

So you need to promote your content. This is done in a few different stages:

  1. Create profiles on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter
  2. Build an email list and send your content to your subscribers
  3. Aggregate your content to Reddit, Digg and other content farms
  4. Build backlinks to boost your SEO and brand authority

Content Promotion Guides:

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