Glamping Explained: Turn Relaxation into a Hobby

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In the Philippines, glamping is an ideal way to clear your mind and de-stress from your usual city routine.

Glamping will provide you comfort in the midst of nature and give you an exceptional experience, making it a perfect way to reward yourself after working hard. Just like in any other type of outdoor adventure, packing the right things is essential to make your escapade superb and hassle-free.

Complete your glamping experience by referring to this quick checklist on the essential things you need bring during a glamorous camping.

Glamping 101: Your Checklist for a Smooth Glamping Experience

1. Sunblock and Lip Balm

Getting a tan and getting sun kissed is a must during the summer season. It’s the best time to soak under the sun. However, we all know that too much exposure from the sun is not healthy and will cause you some skin problems. To make your skin guarded against the scorching heat of the sun, don’t forget to bring sunblock. Choose sunblock with SPF 30 or higher for maximum protection and apply it on your skin as often as needed.

On the other hand, refrain from having chapped lips by bringing a lip balm. Choose a lip balm with SPF and moisturizing ingredients to keep your lips from drying.

2. Travel-size Toiletries

Apart from the sunblock and lip balm, you should also bring toiletries, such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, insect repellent, alcohol, and wet wipes. Make sure to have these products in small bottles and travel size. Consider how many days your trip is to determine the amount of each toiletry you will bring. By downsizing your toiletries, your things can perfectly fit in your luggage.

3. Clothing

Make sure to check the weather first before packing your clothes to determine the right clothes that will fit the weather. Ideally, bring one set of clothes for camp and one set of clothes for going home, however, it depends on how many days you are staying in the glamping site.

Add jacket or scarf to have a protection from cold in case the weather turns chilly.

4. Book or Other Reading Materials

One of the reasons why people do glamping is to find peace of mind and relax. Complete your glamping experience by bringing a book or magazine. Nothing beats the refreshing and calming feeling of reading your favorite book while watching the stunning view of the sunrise or sunset.

5. First Aid Kit

First-aid kit is essential in any kind of adventure. Build your first-aid kit by including antiseptic wipes, adhesive tapes, plasters (in different sizes), elastic bandages, and sterile gauze dressings.

This would be helpful in case you encounter accident or injury during your trip.

6. Camera and Power Bank

Who wouldn’t want to capture the luxurious experience that glamping brings? Make sure that your camera has a full charge so you will be able to capture every Instagram-worthy spots in your glamping site. You can also bring a power bank so you can have a backup.

Glamping will surely give you a comfort, peace, and luxury. Make sure to complete this checklist before going on a glamping to ensure an adventure-filled and smooth glamping experience.


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