Selling Items on Craigslist – Definitive Guide

Have you ever wanted to sell items on Craigslist? As someone who has been using Craigslist for numerous years and has easily completed over 200+ transactions, there are smart and effective ways to listing and selling items on Craigslist quickly and safely. Why Are Selling Items on Craigslist? Before we start our guide on HOW … Read more

Successful People Don’t Get Bored – 10 Reasons Why

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Imagine this scenario: the power is out in your house and guess what..there’s absolutely nothing to freaking do! Don’t worry my bored friend, I’ve been in this situation before too. At some point we all get bored and boy does it suck! But how can we learn not to be bored? Let’s learn from the … Read more

Money Making Hobbies: The Definitive Guide

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Want a list of hobbies that make money? Making money with your hobby at home is something dreams are made of – so let’s dive right in! Who hasn’t thought about taking something they’re passionate about ane making money with it? I know have! One of the amazing things about today’s world is that dreams … Read more

Find a Job Lazy Bum! Ultimate Job Hunting Guide

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Look, I know finding a job isn’t very fun. Starting a job search is like flossing your teeth, it’s extremely unpleasant, but it has to be done at some point. Plus you’re bored and looking for a project to do, right? The most important part of looking for a job is having a professional looking … Read more