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"War card game!" "Rules, Variations, & How to Play"

War The Card Game: Rules, Variations, & How to Play the Game

Looking for instructions on how to play the card game “War”? Great! You’ve come to the right place. The card game War is an extremely easy card game for two people to pick up quickly and start playing immediately.  Though mainly a game of luck, this game of cards can have a lot of fun moments that will keep you and friends laughing throughout the game. There may not be much skill involved – but it sure is a fun… Read More »War The Card Game: Rules, Variations, & How to Play the Game

how to play racquetball, learn to play racquetball, racquetball for beginners

How to Play Racquetball: Learn the Rules & Tips for Racquetball

Are you a beginner looking to learn how to play racquetball? Awesome! You should absolutely learn to play this fun racquet game, as it’s a fun hobby to get into! Learning how to play racquetball is pretty damn easy, actually. You might be a beginner now, but after a few times, you’ll be swinging that racket around like a pro! So what exactly IS racquetball? Well, imagine the “bouncy ball” elements of a huge pinball machine combined with a tennis… Read More »How to Play Racquetball: Learn the Rules & Tips for Racquetball

Glamping Explained: Turn Relaxation into a Hobby

  In the Philippines, glamping is an ideal way to clear your mind and de-stress from your usual city routine. Glamping will provide you comfort in the midst of nature and give you an exceptional experience, making it a perfect way to reward yourself after working hard. Just like in any other type of outdoor adventure, packing the right things is essential to make your escapade superb and hassle-free. Complete your glamping experience by referring to this quick checklist on… Read More »Glamping Explained: Turn Relaxation into a Hobby

Selling Items on Craigslist – Definitive Guide

Have you ever wanted to sell items on Craigslist? As someone who has been using Craigslist for numerous years and has easily completed over 200+ transactions, there are smart and effective ways to listing and selling items on Craigslist quickly and safely. Why Are Selling Items on Craigslist? Before we start our guide on HOW to sell on Craigslist, let’s ask why were thinking of selling your item on here in the first place. There could be a number why… Read More »Selling Items on Craigslist – Definitive Guide